New hope for boys’ basketball team?

Joe Ward, a former NBA player, has joined Central to coach the boys’ basketball team. His motivation for coming to Central is for the basketball team to have a successful season.

(Central High School’s new head basketball coach Joe Ward. 2022 Courtesy Of Joe Ward)

Joe Ward got drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 1986. Ward played nine years in his professional career. After he retired from the NBA, he decided to go into coaching basketball. After coaching the Kingdom Ballers and having many successful seasons he decided to move on and coach other teams. Taking the opportunity that Central was in need of a coach, he seized the chance and became the new head coach.

(Joe Ward at Michael Jordan’s Celebrity Golf Classic in 1988. From left : Charles Barkley, Vinny Del Negro, Ward and Jordan. Courtesy Of Joe Ward)

Ward’s reason for coaching Central’s team is his passion for basketball. When questioned about the Central’s previous season record he stated “It is what it is but, it’s one of those things that I feel very confident that we will have a chance to improve tremendously.” As of right now, the whole team is ready and excited for the upcoming season to show off what they have accomplished.

Head principal Dr. Brown has expectations for Ward and not just as a basketball coach, but also as a role model. He states, “He is a great influence on our students and he’s about more than just winning basketball games he’s about building good young men and women.” Ward for being here for a short period of time has made lots of connections with the basketball team and also students.

Ward has set high hopes and dreams for the team, motivating them to achieve the impossible. Freshman Ian Clevinger, a guard, stated, “He’s good. He has a lot of basketball IQ and he knows how to play the game at a high level. He brings a lot of attention to us and we hope to bring a lot of light to his name”. Another team member junior Ah’Darius Carmichael, a shooting guard, stated,” I think he’s a great coach, he has a good work ethic and pushes us to be the best we can. He helps us bond a lot as team on and off the court.”

When Ward isn’t participating in basketball he is a key essential for Central. Due to the issues in the world there are shortages in teachers and substitutes. That’s where Ward comes into play by substituting those classes making it easier for students and staff.

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