Our Place coming soon to the CHS stage

the flyer

The fall production of Our Place will be performed in Central’s auditorium September 27 and 29 at 7 pm. It will cost $5 for each person. The single act play will last up to 45 minutes and will feature six different stories. Every student in fall theater classes will be involved. 

The play opens with a dock at sea and a bunch of people who can experience different things at the same place.

Our Places involves a total of 14 roles. In one scene, two couples just stumble on a dock. The play includes Elliot V who plays the character Jake. Holly played by Janet M, Anne played by Lizzie B and Lyle played by Jack S. 

“Flick of the Wrist” is the next scene with a dad and daughter having a moment, and it will have Beth played by Ella S and Johnathan played by Atlas T.  

Following that, scene 3 is “Famtime” about a goofy dad who is trying to impress his kids with an adventure with Al played by Atlas T, Brenda played by Lizzie B, Nicky played by Luka F and Sherry played by Mary I.

In addition to that, “Tuna fish” which is about a couple drifting apart with Corey played by Elliot V and Liberty played by Ella S. 

“Stay With You” is about a brother and a sister having a scene that takes a mysterious turn, with Jacks S as Stanley and Maggie W as Sidney. They also have Transition features that will be featured throughout each scene and epilogue. 

students rehearsing

“I really like the play because it is very much a good mix between comedy and drama” said Atlas, an advanced theater student.

Ms. Hicks will be the director of this play. She always tries to give her students the roles she thinks will fit best even if the kids think they won’t like it. She has plenty of experience with directing; she was the director for Tinkerbell and co-directed other plays, as well. So, this will be her 3rd play that she has directed at Central. Her main challenge being a director is the organization. There is a lot of chaos after practice. Her main goal as a director is to make sure her students have as much fun as possible.

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