A team that is more than what it seems.

The 2022-23 volleyball season started out rough for the Lady Bobcats; but despite that, the team remains determined to finish strong.

Allie Gregory- Junior

The season already presented many opportunities for improvements for all three teams: JV, varsity, and the freshman team. When asked about their most difficult game, freshman Maddie Hinton said that the freshman-only game vs. Powell was the most difficult because Powell is a really good team and, sadly, the Bobcat’s energy just decreased throughout the game.

Regardless of these difficult games, the Lady Bobcats also had some really fun games. During their doubleheader against Union County and Webb, they were able to keep their hopes up and maintain a high energy level to the end.

But sports aren’t just about winning and losing, they are also about improving and trying new things. This season Freshman, Grace Roberts has never played volleyball, but she picked it up very quickly and is able to play on all three teams. Another freshman that hasn’t played before is Olivia Vodinh. Even though she hasn’t played the game before, she has already gained so much knowledge of the game and even knows more than some of the team. Evelyn Williams has played volleyball for quite some time but this season she got switched into a new position, she was able to quickly pick it up and has gained lots of confidence while playing here.

Volleyball team photo

Furthermore, sometimes sports are just about having fun, part of the fun is creating new bonds with people. Maddie Hinton stated that between all of the practices and games that happen just about every day, she was able to make many bonds that she wouldn’t have made without this sport.

Additionally, being able to play volleyball here at Central helps people make friends that are in different grades than them, playing a sport with different grade levels is a great way to make new friends. Volleyball is a great sport to play because it keeps you on your toes and you never know what to expect. Every team you play is different, no two teams are alike. 

Coach Jaicks is new to Central after recently moving to Knoxville from California in July. When she was asked about the team and coaching them she stated, “The very first time I came into the gym I was very impressed with the family environment and was even more impressed with how they have carried that throughout the season despite wins and losses so it is very fun to watch them come together everyday and be a family and to watch them grow and persist.”

Next time the Lady Bobcats volleyball team is playing you should head to their game and look for the hidden treasures within the sport. Their next game is Monday 9/19 you don’t want to miss it!

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