Powder Puff

Powder puff returned to Central for the first time in 20 years with a one day tournament on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Juniors Anastasia Gray and Allie Gregory came up with the idea of powder puff and won its approval.

Anastasia Gray is carrying the football while Anna Castleberry guards her.

During class one day the two juniors were discussing how fun it would be to play girls football. That’s when the idea hit them to make a powder puff team. With that idea the two girls went straight to Dr. Brown, and received acceptance for the idea. Several organizations benefited from this event. Student Government Association(SGA)sponsored powder puff, taking up the money at the gate, which was five dollars a person. Multiple different teams worked the concession stand, and the food trucks, including Kona ice, took a portion of their profit and donated it to girls sports all over. 

Two school police officers, Reddick and Edwards, took charge of two teams each and the event overall. When asked about how he felt about powder puff, Reddick stated, “It’s going to be awesome, I’m excited.” The teams were separated by grade level, and the coaches were players from the boys football team. Each team got two coaches from their grade and had two team captains. 

The Sophmore student section

For the rules, the teams were only allowed to hold three two-hour practices before their playday. “The rules for the teams and for the game itself took some planning out, but once we got that figured out the rest was pretty easy.” stated Allie Gregory, a team captain and head of the planning committee for this event.

For the playoffs, seniors played the sophomores and the freshman played the juniors for a spot in the championship. Throughout the night, Officer Edwards announced plays and played music to make the night more game-like. Additionally, the CDC students participated as cheerleaders and cameramen for the event. Each team also enjoyed its own student section to cheer them on. For the championship, the juniors and seniors played each other, and the juniors ended up taking the win.

Powder puff was a fun and eventful night for everyone involved and created a light competitive atmosphere. This event caused a community of girls to come together over the opportunity to play football, which is usually not an option for most girls. Central High School will hopefully continue powder puff in the years to come.

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