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The mission of The Bobcat Times is to connect students with their school and community through quality news reporting.

The Bobcat Times is published by students in the Journalism class at Central High School and does not necessarily represent the opinions of all students, teachers, or other faculty members.

Mrs. Andrea Keck Turner – Newspaper Adviser

Excited to be continuing the CHS Journalism/Newspaper program for the 2021-2022 school year, Mrs. Turner looks forward to encouraging and supporting her staff in all of their journalistic endeavors. Outside of school, she enjoys rock climbing, knitting, biking and playing with her puggle, Marley.

Our Editor

Lilly Ogle
Hey my name is Lilly Ogle! I am involved in soccer, younglife, and cross country here at Central. I love learning about and meeting new people. In my free time I love being around the people who make me feel my best and always make me laugh. I am also a junior and I’ve been going to central for 3 years now and my favorite thing about school is seeing my friends!


Emma Riffey Bradon Ancheta
Hello, my name is Emma! I am a Junior, and I have been going to central since Freshman year. I enjoy reading, music, and making jewelry. My favorite thing about school is getting to see my friends.My name is Brandon Ancheta. Some things that I enjoy doing are listening to music and fishing. Things that I enjoyed in my three years of high school are the class options and hanging out with my friends.
Cadence HornerMarleni Mateo Diego
Hey my name is Cadence! I am involved in soccer, basketball, and young life at central. I love the outdoors and trying new things. I am a junior at central, and my favorite part of school is getting to meet new people.Hey my name is Marleni! I´m 16 years old. I started going to Central toward the end of my sophomore year. I like to play soccer but I love to box.I also enjoy listening to music!


Len RuizLilly McElhaney Michael Scott
My name is Len I love music. I have 2 kittens and 1 dog, Bowie Peach and Loki. I am almost 16 and I love to draw!Hello my name is Lilly! I really like to crochet,embroider,or sew while listening to music. I also enjoy finding clothes and coming up with outfits. I have 4 cats,13 chickens and a dog. I am really nice so if you want to talk to me you can!I am Michael Scott. I am 16 years old and a Sophomore. I am the type of person who likes reptiles, being alone, making art, eating, reading, and traveling.


Eden PerkinsonNatalee Patty Tracy Lowery
My name is Eden Perkinson! I am involved in soccer and dance. I am 14 and I´m a freshman this year. My favorite animal is a red panda and I love fries! My favorite thing about school is classes with my friends!Hey my name is Natalee Patty! I am a freshman and I am not involved in any sports on a team but I play basketball at home with my sibling. I love Philly Cheese-steak Sandwiches and my favorite animals are llamas. I am 14 years old this is my first year at Central and my birthday is April 16th. My favorite thing about Central High School is that most of the teachers are kind to the students and very helpful.Hi my name is Tracy Lowery! I am pretty much the most nonathletic person ever, and I prefer to spend most of my time curled up in my bed with music and a book, or at my desk writing whatever is going through my mind (which that mostly involves anything paranormal and supernatural). I am almost 15 and this is my first year at Central, but so far I think I am going like like it. I love any and all animals, and I like too many foods to label just one as my favorite.
Gabriella Flemming Kiemari Cornelius Ian Clevinger
HI my name is Gabriella!I like to read books, I´m very out going. I also love being around my friends and going to new places!Hi my name is Kiemari ! I am a freshman this year at Central High School. I am almost 15 and my favorite thing to do is hang out with friends. I also like going to the mall and shopping a lot.Hey my name is Ian Clevinger. I play basketball for Central.I like hanging out with my friends and having fun. I am trying to get involved in Younglife and I am 15 years old. My goal in life is to get a scholarship and play basketball for as long as I can.
Landon BrightNadia Alassani
Hi my name is Landon. I like football and basketball,my favorite food is pizza and my favorite animals are snakes and dogs. I’ve been at this school for three weeks and I am 15 and I like coming to school to see my friends and have fun.Hey my Nadia! I am not Involved in any sports programs, I love African food, and my favorite animals are cats. I Am 14 , I´ve been at Central High for one week, and my favorite thing about coming to Central High School is getting to meet new people.


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