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The mission of The Bobcat Times is to connect students with their school and community through quality news reporting.

The Bobcat Times is published by students in the Journalism class at Central High School and does not necessarily represent the opinions of all students, teachers, or other faculty members.

Mrs. Andrea Keck Turner – Newspaper Adviser

Excited to be continuing the CHS Journalism/Newspaper program for the 2021-2022 school year, Mrs. Turner looks forward to encouraging and supporting her staff in all of their journalistic endeavors. Outside of school, she enjoys rock climbing, knitting, biking and playing with her puggle, Marley.

Our Editors

Jake EnsorTrinity Sankey
“Hey! I’m a senior and I enjoy spending time with my friends; I was the drum major and I also play the alto saxophone. I also will listen to any music recommended to me!”“I am a senior at Central this year, and I am on the CHS Dance Team. In my free time I enjoy reading, crocheting, and hanging out with my family.”


Adryanna BrownMilah Davidson
“I used to play soccer for Central, I am an artist that paints. I like to hang out with friends, read poetry, play with my dog, and listen to music. My favorite food is either steak, tacos, sushi, or pasta.”“I’m a very out going confident person. I like to get to know people and make people feel important. I enjoy working out whenever I can. I plan to go to the Air Force this summer as my career. I hope to enjoy the last of my high school years before I move away.”
Haley PalmerWilliam Price
“HI i’m Haley! I am a senior this year. I am on the Central dance team. I love meeting new people and am very outgoing!”“I like playing baseball.”


Salathiel O’MalleyJosh Purcell
“I go by Sal, I like board games, video games, as well as cars and motorcycles.”“I play football, and I like all types of music.”


Carmelina Francisco-DiegoEmily PiedotAylee Suarez
“I’m 16, a sophomore. Favorite food would have to be pasta. I’m into any music but I personally don’t listen to country just cause no one ever gives me country song recommendations. Hobbies, playing with my dog or hanging out with my siblings.”“I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, and I am a in both marching and concert band. My favorite food is pasta, and I have a German Shepard named Maddie.”“I am a part of the dance team, student government, and Central Younglife. My hobbies include reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends.”


Eugene BrownAndrew BurnetteJamason Clowers
“Im just a very chill person 2. I like to play video games in my spare time at home 3. Favorite food is burgers 4. music R&B 5. Hobbies I would say hobbies gaming,music,rap, and chill 6.Special interest would probably have to be engineering.”“There is really nothing all that interesting about me if I am honest but I could probably write multiple essays on the Scream movies I love them so much. Before watching Scream I never had a favorite movie and now Scream is genuinely my favorite thing ever.”“I like cars, football and Chinese food.”
Jerrell DawkinsKaitlyn DeaderickImani Gause
“Im chill, I like to be alone and listen to music. I don’t have a favorite food. Favorite music is rap, my hobby is playing video games. I played basketball, and no special interest.”“I’m not typically a people person, I like to read, draw and sing in my free time. I have many types of favorite music, it typically depends on my mood and varies throughout the day. I do like watching football, I have an older brother who plays on Central’s team.”“My favorite thing to do is sleep.”
Maddie LynchHeidi McGinnis
“My favorite food is mac and cheese and and I like to sleep.”“I like to listen to music. I like metal and rock. I like going on walks and talking to my friends. I’m on my phone a lot.”

Makayla RevelsAlexa Rodriguez
“I love animals, books, and shopping.”“I like playing soccer, spending time with close friends and family, and reading.”


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