Why Music?

By Emily Piedot

May 18, 2022

Music, throughout history, contributes to connecting societies and cultures because it is an art form that evolves. As humans, our brains enjoy music and allow us to connect with people we believe have similar experiences as us. Students, band directors and neuroscientists alike feel that music changes all who dare to listen. 

A Movie That Changed Me

By Imani Gause

May 10, 2022

A movie that changed me was one that I watched recently called Don’t Look Up. This movie changed me because of how real it felt.

Finding Direction Through Music; ETSBOA Senior Clinic

By Emily Piedot

February 19, 2022

For the last 30 years, hundreds of high school aged musicians have gathered at the Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association Senior Clinic. After auditioning, students are placed in a band with consideration to their musical abilities, making those present at this weekend event the best high school musicians in East Tennessee.