Central’s Swim Team

The Central High School Swim Team is diving into another season! The team is open to anyone that attends the school, goes to a middle school zoned for CHS, is part of a homeschool program within Central’s district, or students that attend a school without a team that is in the area.

CHS swim team at their banquet

The community and the swim people really make the team what it is. Freshman Marley Lett said, “It’s great to become friends with the middle schooler while becoming their role model and creating a family.”  The team truly has a great atmosphere, and the coaches care about you and are really encouraging, some swimmers even use this as a way to escape from real-world problems. The team also presents a great way to learn new things and face challenges head-on.

LEft to right with grade levels: Ethan Bush(8) Marley Lett(9) Carys Bible(7) Huston Shoudy(9)

The team goes on pretty much year-round.  In the summer they practice but don’t have many meets but from September to March they’re in full swing. They practice 3 times a week back-to-back, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then their meet days are on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Overall, being part of the swim team is a very fun experience that will really grow you as a person and athlete.

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