Upcoming library renovation for 2024

As time passes, places are starting to adapt to the new generations and change to meet others’ needs. Principal Brown has decided that Central needs a renovation to the library to improve facilities for students and teachers.

Principal Brown has come to the conclusion that the library has to be renovated due to how out-dated the furniture is and to be able to support more needs that a newer library can acknowledge. “We haven’t had a single renovation in this building in 51 years. The purpose of libraries has changed in 51 years and we want to make sure that we are evolving and changing to the 21st century,” said Principal Brown.

The library will also add a coffee shop and a tech help desk to better improve students’ needs. Principal Brown has the idea that students will run these areas to improve work based learning. “As we move into this new academy structure a lot of what we want to do as students get into their junior and senior year is give them work based learning experiences,” said Principal Brown.

Kelly Hyatt, the school’s librarian, has seen that this opportunity will greatly benefit students. “The library definitely needs to be used more for books so the space we are in currently would allow for a digital lab which would mean a high score to graduate with web skills and broadcasting skills,” said Hyatt. Both Principal Brown and Hyatt think that these new changes will have a positive outcome by allowing students to use these new skills in the real world.

The idea Principal Brown has for the renovation to be finished by next school year. Phases of the renovations may occur in the spring and summer. The funds will come from the government funds and the money raised from foundations. The earnings from the coffee shop will help around school by creating a self-funding system.

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