Welcoming Central’s Nursing Program!

Coming next year, Central is welcoming a new nursing class to the Health Science Education program. Complete with a new classroom, teacher and curriculum, students can expand their courses of study!

Previously, Central’s health program has offered three courses of study, including diagnostic services, sport and human performance and therapeutic services. Next year, however, the program will combine their courses of study into two paths: nursing education and therapeutic services.

Hammond teaching his fourth block Health Science Education Class.

Freshman Marley Lett has chosen to pursue the Health Science program next year and says she is excited for what the nursing program will be able to teach her; however, Central is adapting an academy structure that will limit her ability to take other classes. “The downside to the academy is, I’m limited to classes I take. I have two sciences next year, and I’m being forced into a career path. It’s stressful…” said Lett.

Long time health teacher Christopher Hammond, on the other hand, says he is feeling great about adding the nursing program. He is not at liberty to share information about the new teacher’s identity, but says they will be experienced in nursing education and has had high success rates with Certified Nursing Assistant testing.

“I’m actually excited about it because it allows the program to grow, it gives more opportunities for students [and] it adds another perspective,” he says about the program. Hammond is a believer in giving students multiple perspectives, and due to having a background in respiratory therapy, he cannot offer students the in-depth look at nursing that an experienced teacher will give. “It’s going to make things more efficient for the teachers, but it’s also going to improve the quality [of education for students].”

In the coming years, the nursing program will also include clinical internships, which allow students to go off campus in order to shadow a medical professional in their workplace. Clinicals push students to understand what the workforce is like before exiting high school.

As Hammond stands next to the sign for his classroom, fellow teacher Aaron Hankins sneaks up the stairs to scare him.

The new teacher will also be assisting in Central’s chapter of the Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA. The club will now be doubly equipped to handle the talent in the field of health here at Central and aid in the growth of the program. With Central adapting the academy schedules next year, the health science program will be evolving for the better.

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