FCA and TFC: Christian Clubs at Central

Teens For Christ and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes are Christian clubs that meet at school each week at 8 AM where everyone sits down to hear about God and learn more about the Bible.

FCA meets every Thursday in Mr. Clemmons’s room 102. When asked what type of person would join the FCA and how exactly the club operates, Leader David Brooks said, “Hopefully they would look for a fun environment and come to have fun while learning who Jesus is and furthering their relationship with Jesus.” David also goes on to talk about the type of people who join and states, “Usually the type of people who join are athletes, but we aren’t just for athletes only, we are open to anyone and everyone. FCA does not necessarily change the perspective of who God is, we just try to point towards who God is and allow his word to do the drawing and change perspective.” Hopefully FCA will end up growing higher than it has usually been for the past few years.

Awards TFC won for being Bible club of the year

Both clubs have the same focus but engage it in different ways. TFC had the same problem as FCA did last year with only having about 12 people maximum daily, but has grown a bit from last year and increased the amount of attendees from 12 to about 18, although there is always still room for new people in the club.

TFC leader Jean Remember says this about why people should check out the club, “What you look forward to in this club is first and foremost that we teach from the Bible, so we aren’t just giving you our thoughts; it’s all from the word of God. Another thing is that you will be looking forward to the gospel of God. We want to make this club not just something you come to, we want to make it something where we get to be a part of each other’s lives.”

Remember went on to talk about what people will look forward to: “We want to unite people and get to know each other and hear the word of God together. The people who are joining are people who are open to learning more about Christ and just all kinds of people. I don’t think it’s just one type of person; it’s just if you’re willing and open to having Christ in your life.” This explains that the club accepts each and every person regardless of who they are and the Bible club tries to make it like home.

Logo for Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

Interviewing sophomore Kyan Rucker, who goes to both clubs, about how different one is from the other, Rucker said, “There’s more people that go to FCA than to TFC.” Kyan goes on about the difference in education and says, “There isn’t much of an educational difference between both, they are both basically the same.” Sophomore Davis Bunch also attends both clubs and said, “I go to both clubs because it gives me the ability to learn and study more about Jesus while at school.” These students enjoy what each club offers at school and would encourage other students to come check them out!

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