Lady Bobcats Softball

The Lady Bobcats softball team is a very exciting team to watch. Led by catcher Stacie Mills, 3rd baseman Annah Neubert and shortstop Shelby Miller who is currently on injury reserve. After a five-game stretch this past week, The Lady Bobcats will end the week going 4-1.The Lady Bobcats have a long season with 28 games to play. Their next home game is Apr. 3 and they love to show out in front of home crowds. The team is full of players that know their position, so it’s always a fun game to watch.

Stacie Mills catching pitches for their pitcher Zoey Cranford .

Head Coach James Swaney thinks his team is very young with most of the team being juniors and sophomores. The team is learning how to interact with each other on the field every practice and game. “Since the team is so young they have amazing potential and are easier to mold than older players,” exclaimed Swaney.

Third baseman Neubert thinks her team grows every time they are together. She also stated, “the team as a whole is doing very well at adapting to all the changes we have had during this season, The team is turning more and more heads as we play. Due to us being a younger team. Our only senior this year is doing a great job at leading and setting an example for all of us as a whole.”

Annah Neubert waiting to run to third base.

As you can already tell the Lady bobcats are a team to come see. With a season record of 8-4 they are already on track to do better than last season. The Lady bobcats are waiting to show their fans what they’re really made of. Come see them play at home and it will be an amazing experience.

A team picture for the cancer awareness game.

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