Josh Purcell-The Trainee Becomes The Trainer

Despite the struggle with time management due to excessive work, Josh Purcell devotes his time and effort into football and contributes to the community through programs run by a local Church. Josh pursues his love for sports and training as his own person and resists temptation to follow the crowd.

As a senior, Josh faces a struggle with juggling the time of day between his training, sports, job, friends, school and Church; however, he shows determination and perseverance in order to pursue his upcoming career in sports. He experiences an immense interest for his sports, as well as a well-rounded appreciation for his community of teammates; furthermore, he even gives back to our local community through charity programs hosted by his Church.

His vast interest for the subject has him already applying for colleges to further course his interests, and form them to build the foundations of his soon-to-be career. With a plan for his future in sports, with a possible addition in coaching and training, Josh is well on his path to success.

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