Devin & Basketball

Devin Ferguson. To some people, that name means ‘friend’ or, ‘teammate’ or, ‘brother’. Devin is a pretty interesting person. If you see him around school, he’s either with his teammates or hanging out with his girlfriend.

Devin taking a shot vs Halls.

When the bell rings at 3:30, Devin usually stays at school for basketball. This has been routine for Devin since freshman year. Speaking of freshman year, Devin stated he enjoyed freshman year. Basketball was going great for him, but unfortunately, the pandemic ended his year early. His sophomore year was from his home, as he was virtual the entire year. Devin didn’t really like being virtual, he said it was weird only seeing his friends on a computer screen every day.

Junior year, he came back in person to Central. He got back into the ‘groove’ of school, but he missed many days that year. He also didn’t play basketball this year, like sophomore year. 

Fast forward to May 2022. When Coach Joe Ward was hired, Devin saw an opportunity to get back into basketball. He’s gotten back into the basketball scene this year, coming off the bench for the Bobcats’ varsity boys’ team. Devin’s working hard for himself to get a bigger role, but with playoffs inching around the corner, he’s more focused on starting to pick up momentum and wins.

When Devin is not playing basketball, he’s at home playing the game. During a sitdown, he stated his favorite games to play were Call of Duty: Warzone and NBA 2K23. Devin enjoys relaxing after a long week, playing games from the comfort of his bed. When he’s not playing games at home, he’s hanging out with his girlfriend. Devin stated in the sitdown that she brings him peace and a sense of comfort.

Devin driving the basketball down the court during practice with his team this summer.

As graduation gets closer, Devin has to make some big decisions. He told us he’s ready to graduate, but not so ready to work. Devin thinks working is energy consuming, saying it would be the least exciting part of his day. Devin told us he’s not sure what he wants to do when he graduates, but he’ll definitely have time to find out.

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