Dance Season Comes to An End with Senior Night

From left to right: Seniors Kailee Bryant, Blakely Johnson, Caroline Cooper, Ella Riehl, and Marley Newman.

After a year of hard work, long practices and sentimental bonds, the dance team has wrapped up their season with senior night. This year’s seniors were very special to the team, as they were all unique and developed leadership in their own way. This year’s team had five seniors, including Kailee Bryant and Blakely Johnson, and leaders Marley Newman, Caroline Cooper and Ella Riehl.

As a member of the dance team, I can speak for all when I say we like to make senior night a big deal. Each senior received a customized poster and a gift embellished with red and black balloons. In addition, Coach Shelia Dixon ordered sashes for the seniors with their names displayed in glitter as well as different colored bouquets she believed “looked like their personality.”

The dance team performing at half time. Taken by John Valentine

During half-time at both basketball games, the team performed a Hairspray dance, choreographed by Ella Riehl. She says that her favorite dance team memory were the sleepovers because it allowed the team to bond and become closer. Riehl has been an important member of the team for all four years because of her vast knowledge of dance, leadership skills and ability to choreograph. She also helped the team achieve the huge accomplishment of winning homecoming, being the first new organization to win after 18 years. Riehl plans to be a dance major in college, and she had actually just returned from her college audition to make it to senior night.

Riehl performing the dance she choreographed. Taken by John Valentine

Due to uncertainty if Riehl would make it back from her audition in time, the seniors decided to postpone their official senior dance until the next game, which would be the last game of the season. They performed a hip-hop dance to 7/11 by Beyonce, where all the seniors had individual spotlights where they could display their skills and favorite moves.

Marley Newman, the social butterfly of the team, says that she loves all the friendships that she has gained from the dance team. She is loved by all on the team and a kind soul that is appreciated by everyone at Central, including her teachers and fellow students.

Seniors Marley Newman, Caroline Cooper, and Kailee Bryant sitting with dance team juniors and freshman at the game. Taken by John Valentine

Although Caroline Cooper has been on the dance team for four years, she developed a valuable friendship with freshman Shanti Santiago-Fey her senior year. “She has such a fun spirit and has taught me the importance of making things fun while doing everything in love. Her personality is bubbly and she always makes me look forward to practice,” said Cooper.

Overall, senior night was a success, and it allowed seniors a chance to say goodbye to their high school dance careers. They were essential to the team’s growth, and no matter what, they are loved and appreciated

From left to right: Seniors Marley Newman, Blakely Johnson, Kailee Bryant, Caroline Cooper, and Ella Riehl. Taken by John Valentine

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