Ah’Darius Carmichael

This is Ah’Darius Carmicheal, he is a very quiet but interesting student here at Central. Ah’Darius loves many things in life but he has a passion for food. His passion for food led him on a road to be a cook. He loves cooking steak and mashed potatoes for himself and family.

Ah’Darius enjoying the sun at Gulf Shores beach.

Ah’darius has a very specific inspiration for cooking. It’s his stomach! He loves listening to his stomach so he can cook what he desires and he loves to try new things with his food like new spices and all.

Favorite dishes

Some of his favorite things to cook include: steak, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and salmon. Ah’Darius loves to mix different seasonings together to make spicy, sweet and tangy taste from the different cultures he has eaten from. His favorite culture food to cook are beignets. He adds a little AD style to them but only a few people know his secret on how he makes them so tasty and mouth watering.

Other interesting facts about AD

‘AD’ in Journalism class.

Last of all Ah’Darius has many different nicknames his friends call him, he likes AD the most because it reminds him of Anthony Davis the basketball player. In AD’s personal time when he’s not cooking he loves to compete. He plays basketball with the school’s team and he goes hard everyday in practice getting better day by day. He is always finding ways to better himself as a person in many different ways.

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