The Steven Wilson of Central

Talan perfecting his craft

Talan Sikes’ passion for music is second to none, and his creativity has led to him writing impressive compositions.

Talan discovered one of the most successful unknown artists known as Steven Wilson in the 7th grade. He was instantly hooked by the unique heaviness in his riffs, yet subtle vocals. The contrast reignited his love for rhythm and melody.

Recreating and remixing music is another art Wilson is known for. Talan has taken a liking to it, as he consistently uses popular riffs and revamps them. His constant practice and discipline has led him to become a rather skilled guitarist.

Legendary director, producer, and screenwriter Martin Scorsese also inspired Talan. His use of narration and long takes is unmatched, and his ability to help actors “create characters rather than portray them” amazes critics. Films like “The Departed” or “Goodfellas” supply the audience with big city crime, powerful mob bosses, and clever detectives. Talan enjoys the thrill and challenge of these movies, and the keen cinematography that takes place.

Talan is known for a lot of things, but his love for art overlaps them all. His drive for not only success, but also impact, makes him a very admirable person. Whether music or film, Talan has an often unrecognizable skill, imagination.

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