Trinity Sankey

Trinity Sankey is a senior who is very smart. She is someone who has many interests and lives her life to the fullest. She has high hopes and there is so much more that you should get to know about Trinity.

Trinity has many interesting things about her. An organization that she is involved in is her church. One of the two hobbies that she enjoys doing is dance. One thing that she finds the easiest about being a dancer is hip hop and picking choreography. The second hobby she likes doing is crocheting. “My hobbies are dancing and crocheting”, says Trinity. She is also on our very own Bobcat dance team. She grew up in Knoxville and did not move around a lot.  An exciting thing about Trinity is that she traveled. She has traveled to very nice places. “I’ve traveled to Mexico and the Bahamas,” said Trinity.

A funny story about her was when she went to the beach and asked how far Atlanta was from Georgia. Trinity is always thinking ahead. “My life plan is going to go to college and do something with journalism and be a guidance counselor”. One stress that she has is not getting into college. She is also a big Marvel fan. She enjoys watching Marvel movies. People have misconceptions about Trinity that are certainly not true.

“People think that I am quiet, which I’m not, people also think that I’m older than my age and married because I wear a ring on my ring finger.”, said Trinity. One thing that she finds funny is people falling or tripping and I couldn’t agree more.

To come to a close, Trinity is very smart, has cool interests and lives her life to the fullest. You can also visit basketball games and watch her dance to amazing choreography. I hope that everyone could get a chance to meet Trinity and see how outgoing she is

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