Cause and Effect of Misbehavior

Misbehavior has become a problem here at Central. From fighting and vaping to stealing and vandalizing- why are students acting out?

Part of the problem is social media. The level of communication and how things spread so quickly can be dangerous. It’s a negative influence on students in many ways. It makes it easy to spread bad rumors and photos and create conflicts. It can also cause people to think and behave in ways that conform with others rather than as individuals. Students will participate in wrongful challenges and trends to fit in.

It impacts everyone’s school experience. Dr. Brown said,

“Negative behaviors have a significant impact on our staff. The goal of each day is to come to school and provide the best education we can for students. When staff members have to spend their time watching bathrooms and being assigned additional duties to prevent misbehavior, it prevents them from doing other things to support their students in the classroom.” 

Fortunately, our school system has taken an educational approach to discipline. In addition to consequences, they employ restorative practices. The goal is to teach students how their misbehavior impacts those around them and encourage them not to repeat the behaviors. “I think all students are good. Part of human development is making choices, making mistakes, and learning from them. I don’t think students will ever stop making bad choices and mistakes. However, it is my hope that we can continue to work with future generations and help them to learn from their choices so they do not repeat them,” Dr. Brown said.

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