Adryanna and Her Goals

Adryanna devotes her time to showing kindness and caring to those around her. She’s often misunderstood for being judgemental, but that is not true. Adryanna puts people before herself without expecting anything in return. She is a devoted friend, teammate, and Christian.

Adryanna works on being the best version of herself. She maintains big goals for herself and her future. Adryanna wants to be the CEO of her own art shop and become a spokesperson for how art can relate to important topics. Art is how she expresses herself and her values. Adryanna wants to be able to set her own hours and not depend on other people. Her biggest goal for herself is to be a leader of her community and owning her art shop could make these goals a reality.

When it comes to personal goals, Adryanna works to be confident in herself; being able to do this will affect how she handles herself and situations. She aspires to be a kind, hard-working, and healthy person. 

The most important goal for Adryanna is to be connected spiritually. Adryanna has said being a devoted Christian impacts her life greatly and that she would not be who she is and where she is without it. On December 13, 2021, she was baptized and her life was changed forever. This has helped her with everything she has achieved. She came to the realization the only people in her life that she needs to please are herself and God.

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