The Toxicity of Social Media

Social Media is ruining everyone’s life. At first you would think the media is for you to share your life with others, but there are a lot of people who have become stressed and even obsessed with today’s social media.

People live for their phones these days and that is not okay. Some barely get off over their phones and they don’t even talk to people. Nowadays kids, especially girls, get insecure and jealous of other people’s lives and looks. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the chance to go where they are. Other times it is because the girl/boy is more attractive/ prettier than them. 

Central High School kids can compare to this a lot and especially on Tiktok. Tiktok is a very toxic media for a lot of kids. They make new “trends” like the “Devious Lick” challenge and destroy,steal, and even do inappropriate things in school grounds. Some, mostly all girls at Central, use social media and they said that they do get insecure because they see another girl prettier than them and they try to look like that girl on Tiktok/Instagram.

 A survey was conducted interviewing Central High School students and they agreed that social media was toxic. A question in the survey was asking “Are you obsessed with your phone/Social Media? Why?” and a student said “yes, it’s been what i have relied on for communication since 4th grade.” another student said “Not really, I just don’t like how toxic it can be.”

A student from the survey said this.

Some Central students said that they weren’t obsessed with their phones, but people are different in many ways. Some people have things to do and they are barely on their phones. A student said “No, because when I’m not on my phone I am actively doing something else.” Another survey question was “Do you feel insecure when you see pretty girls/boys in the media?” 66.7% said yes and 33.3 said no. In the survey it asks why they feel that way and one student said “It’s hard to feel like you live up to the beauty standards that social media sets for young adults. We’ve always been taught to compare ourselves, think of ways we can be better, instead of appreciating the bodies we have and just learning to be happy and healthy in our own way.” 

These are the percentages.

Central students are different in their own way and they all have different opinions on social media. Most of the students here are very much on their phones all day at school. Some are always on social media every time in the hallway or at lunch time. Some don’t communicate with anyone.


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