TSSAA Playoff: Round 3

As the TSSAA playoff continues, last week Friday, Nov. 19 was the third round. It was a big battle as the Central Bobcats had a visit at West Rebels home field. 

A very cold night, fans are bundled up in the stands full of excitement and ready for kickoff. As both teams come out ready to battle, lights flash, band plays and the crowd screams. 

First quarter is in and both defense and offense is doing well with both the Bobcats and Rebels. Towards the end of the first, Central’s defense began to lack and offense got good yardage but was not able to aim for the end zone. West began to drive down the field and put points on the board as Central’s defense struggled with the passing and running game.

As the Rebels defense and offense takes over in the second quarter, Central’s offense is able to put a few points on their side. Halftime approaches and the Rebels have the lead.

Halftime ends and the third quarter starts. The Bobcats are able to get more points on the board but that isn’t enough as the West offense is dominating every possession they get. Fourth quarter comes along and as it ends with a 63 – 26 score, West celebrates as they go to the next round and Central as their season ends so soon.

Central fought hard throughout their season with a record of 8-5. As the fans cry, the seniors are the spotlight that night. Tears fall down their faces as their last game of their high school career ends. Now the seniors are ready to move on to bigger places and the higher level of their football goals and career.

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