A Look Inside Ian Sipe’s Life

There is more to Ian Sipe than what meets the eye, this is a look inside his life.

On any day of the week, Ian likes to draw cartoons that are funny and cute to go with some sort of story. Ian also enjoys playing platform, RPG, and indie video games. Writing stories is also something Ian enjoys. He writes stories that are usually fictional; they are sometimes based off of the video games Ian plays.

Ian enjoys reading books that are fictional and enjoys many genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction, much like the stories he writes. Ian’s favorite book is Dream Merchant. Dream Merchant is about a company that uses humans’ dreams to recreate what has happened in the past. Ian enjoys more fictional books than nonfiction.

Ian used to live in the sunshine state, Florida but later moved to Tennessee. Ian still visits his family in Florida, but hasn’t lately because of Covid-19.

As Ian’s future is getting closer and closer, he wants to become a creator or executive producer of TV shows and games. If Ian works with TV shows he wants to use genres such as action, adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy. If he begins working with games he would like to create games that are much like the ones he plays.

Ian lives a more simple life than challenging. His easiest tasks are his chores which are mainly cleaning. As a freshman he hasn’t had many tough challenges, he has really only struggled through Covid-19.

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