Kyah for Short

Born and raised in small town near Memphis, Takyah, or Kyah for short, takes pride in her sport, softball, and her culture. She normally keeps to herself, but she won’t hesitate to go out of the way to help strangers.

In her future, Kyah hopes to get a scholarship for softball; she has played it most of her life and she really enjoys the sport. After college, her dream is to open her own shoe store; she has some really cool kicks herself and says she would love to sell shoes to others who share the same passion as her. She cares deeply about her family and hopes to give back to them one day, possibly with the income from her shop

Takyah has a very strong love for her family, and really misses being in their presence. She moved to Knoxville from a small town near Memphis called Halls about 4 years ago. Her closest bonds are within her family and she says she wishes she could be there for them. Takyah and her loved ones like to fish and hunt together, and especially eat the food they cook together. Her family has a unique heritage, they’re half Puerto Rican and half Cuban. Some are from Kentucky and others from New Orleans and she holds her culture close to her heart. She really misses being back at home and often grasps onto things that remind her of home, like music and food.

Being from the Memphis area has a lot to do with how Kyah’s personality is shaped. Rap and old R&B are two of Kyah’s favorite types of music, she really enjoys these songs because she can relate to them on a cultural level. A few of her favorites are Rod Wave, NBA Youngboy, and Moneybagg. She says her number one favorite is Moneybagg because he is also from Memphis, so it gives her a vibe that reminds her of home. Kyah is known for being nice to others, receives compliments about her beautiful curly hair all the time, and loves to shop during her free time.

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