Future Veterinarian Sarah

Looking towards a future as a veterinarian, CHS freshman Sarah Eckberg has been shaped by many life experiences.

Growing up, Sarah always found herself around animals, owning as many as 10 at one point. But since she moved to Maryland and then Tennessee, she doesn’t get to see many animals. The change in scenery makes Sarah think of a future as a veterinarian; they see plenty of animals daily! Ideas of this career path formed in her mind as young as eight year old.

Before she gets to be a veterinarian, she takes care of her dog and little brother; she protects her sweet dog from the other vicious dogs. But of course, she has a backup plan just in case; teaching kids is her fall back if getting a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree is too tough to obtain. She read a book called, “Go with the flow,” where some students didn’t get the help they needed. Maybe she can provide the help that all the students need, including the ones that are alike to the book.

Sarah moving around didn’t really faze her. But she has lost friends back then, since she didn’t have an email. She also lost a nice teacher. Her teacher Mr. Paschal made learning a breeze and was fun to work with. Sarah used to go to church with her family, until Covid19 came around.

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