Fashion In Central High

When it comes to the talk about fashion, the talk arises loudly.  Fashion- a statement whether from shoes, shirts, hats, or jewelry. Each piece contains a meaning or back story behind it to each individual person. 

 Shopping can exist through shopping at different places. Depending on a person’s style these stores can vary.  Either a thrift store, the mall, or shoe store- creates ways of fashion and style that later create statements. 

Favorite Outfit #1

 Throughout Central High each student shows a different style. Fashion means a popular trend, especially in styles of dress, ornament or manners of behavior.

Myles Holloway, defined fashion as: ¨Clothing you like, clothes you want to wear, and your choice.¨ While your favorite statement piece may contain shoes or hats,  Myles favorite statement pieces contain shirts and hoodies. 

Favorite Outfit #2

Many people say seasons change a person’s mood, but seasons can also affect a person’s style as well. Myles favorite season to style is fall. When creating a look, he picks by color then throws things together to create his own look. 

When asked to describe his style, ¨My style is different¨ said Myles. Different- not the same another or each other; unlike in nature, form or quality. 

MJay a day at school

Trends are another way to create statements. Lots of trends happen in daily life whether from creating or following. Unlike other students MJay Harris keeps up with the latest trends. 

MJay in her Trendy Outfit.

She considered her style to be trendy. When asked why ¨I like this specific style because it fits my generation.¨ said MJay. This generation is always trying to keep up with the latest trends, which is why she can relate. 

MJay defined fashion as ¨You¨. The inspiration behind her style of outfits is herself. She also loves the way colors can express how she feels and who she is. Another way she described what defines her style is her shoes. 

MJay´s Favorite season to style is winter. Most of her wardrobe comes from shopping at Target and Shein. When choosing what to wear she actually takes the time starting with her shoes, then a shirt, and bottoms last. 

Fall Fashion

Fashion is not always about dressing up. Being cute and comfortable is not a problem. Dressing down can be a statement as well. Ava Whitts is the definition of dressing cute and comfortable. 

Ava explained how fashion expresses who she is. ¨I like to say I’m a laid back person and my comfort clothes just shows that.¨ When asked to define her meaning of fashion, ¨Fashion is how you can express yourself, you do not have to dress up all fancy to be fashionable, simply expressing yourself will work.¨ 

Combo of cute and comfortable.

Considering the fact that she dresses comfortably, fall is her favorite season to style. Hoodies are also statement pieces she would say defines who she is. When asked what inspires your style, she simply replied with, ¨Pinterest.¨

Cute and comfortable combines together to create who she is. Ava mainly throws things together to create her own look, but when she has energy she takes the time picking out something cute.

There maybe many definitions of what fashion really means. Express yourself through what you want to wear. Everyone might have bits and pieces of different styles, but no two are the same. 

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