Theater season underway!

Advanced theatre students are expected to perform the play Tinkerbell. The play is set to go on Nov 4, at 7 p.m. Nov 6, at 7.p.m and Nov 7 at 2:30 p.m. if everything goes according to plan.

Theatre students have been preparing for the play since last school year but unfortunately had to cancel due to Covid-19. The play consists of two years of hard work and determination. Ms.Hicks said, ”We would appreciate it if as many people as possible could attend.” The students have put forth 100 percent of their effort in this play and would like people to come and view their work.

A picture of Ms.Hicks, Centrals theatre teacher.

Ayla Littell, a student in advanced theatre, says, “It’s a good experience and it teaches you alot about the chaos of preparing for a performance and the amount of effort you have to put in.” Theatre takes a lot of energy and practice. The amount of effort and practice put in may depend on the role assigned. Students who stay after school are currently staying until about 5 p.m. The time may change as the deadline gets closer.

A picture of Ayla Littell

The Central theatre program hopes to see you there in November.

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