Get prepared, It´s not going to be easy.

In order to prepare and study, students need to keep track of important dates for tests and scholarships. From the PSAT to the ACT to senior application deadlines, Central’s administrators are here to help.

The PSAT takes place Tuesday, Oct. 26. Sophmores and Juniors that registered to take the PSAT will go to the ROTC room and take the test from 8:30 to 11:00 am. This is not a requirement, but it will help students prepare for the SAT. Contact Mr. Baldwin for any extra information.

These are the dates that can be found on The central homepage

Senior retake for the ACT is scheduled on Tuesday, Oct. 5. This is an option for seniors who have already taken the ACT. Makeup dates for the senior retake are Tuesday, Oct. 19. and Tuesday Nov. 2.

Scholarship deadlines typically occur between October and March. The fall of your senior year you may want to fill out applications and make sure that they get turned in before the deadline. Keeping track of that application proves to be just as important as filling one out so make sure to keep track of applications.

More important dates

Mrs. Rutig says,“ Try your best and never give up, get as many credits as possible to graduate with a high school diploma.” Her main goal is to see the students put in the hard work that is needed to graduate.

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