Games and Glasses: The Corbin Fram Story

This is the story of Corbin Fram. He’s been to more places then most of us dream of.  He is from Maryland and has lived on the east coast living in numerous places until he came to Knoxville, TN.

He is like most teenagers. Corbin loves video games, and it is something he is very passionate about. He is also very passionate about going against racism.  Although, he is a very private person, and doesn’t like to get close to people because he is scared that he is going to move again.

Watching movies and TV shows are one of his favorite pastimes. His favorite actor is Andy Samberg and he has been told he looks like John Mulaney. When he is not watching movies and playing video games, Corbin has a job at the Cinebar Movie theater where he has a very supportive manager.

This is Andy Samberg. Corbin’s favorite actor

People assume that Corbin is very smart because he seems quiet. He is a very nervous person and suffers from anxiety which makes it hard to make new friends. Corbin thinks he is weird and has a middle school sense of humor, but he is actually a very funny guy. 

This is a picture of Corbin

If you get the chance to meet Corbin you will not be disappointed, he is a very fun person to be around.

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