There Is Always More to Katrina

Katrina posing for a photo.

Katrina Antoniak is more than just a teenager in high school. She is a writer, dancer, and she knows what she wants in her life. Katrina might seem like she is shy but once you get to know her, you might be surprised.

Living in Knoxville, Tennessee with her mom, Antoniak stresses about being 800 miles away from her family. Antoniak misses her family everyday but she is not letting that stop her from doing what she loves. She plans to go to college to be a pediatric nurse working in a hospital. Although her family is far away, her mom is by her side through every step.

Being 800 miles away from her family, Antoniak thinks about the place and people she called home. She grew up in Albany, New York her whole life and has grown to love the people and restaurants that are there. Living away from your family is tough, but whenever she feels blue or there is “steam coming out of her ears,” she uses dance as an escape.

Antoniak loves dance because it is a way for her to express how she feels when she feels it. Whether it is hip hop, lyrical, jazz, or ballet she picks up choreography easily and excels while everyone else is still on the first eight counts. 

Katrina and her boyfriend.

Antoniak has more to her than being from New York, wanting to be a pediatric nurse and loving dance. Once you talk to her, you find out that she is outgoing, loud, and funny. She enjoys the movies Grease and Footloose along with laughing at people eating spicy food. These are all things you would never guess unless you got to know her.

There is always more to a person then just their appearance or their attitudes and people miss out on getting to know who someone is based on that. Antoniak is more than just a person. She is many things that most people would not know until they got to know her. She may be funny, a good dancer, and has values like the next person but one thing she has that no one does is that she is Katrina Antoniak.

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