Life of Brooklyn Moore in 2020-2021

On an otherwise normal school day, a girl jokingly tells a guy she hopes he falls down the steps. Instead of taking the joke, he pushes her down. She ends up with a concussion…sounds crazy, right?

Brooklyn turned 16 on this day

Brooklyn Moore and her family

That girl was Brooklyn Moore. She makes your day and can make you laugh when you get to meet her, but before people do they assume that she is mean, rude, and hates everyone; She’s not like that. She grew up here in the Fountain City of Knoxville. She has traveled a lot; she has been to Florida, North and South Carolina, Texas, and the Bahamas. We all know that 2020 was definitely not the best for a lot of people. 2020 and the pandemic affected Brooklyn mentally because it was hard for her to process everything. Some of us thought 2021 was going to be better, but Brooklyn said that it was about the same. Ultimately, the virus is still here. Also, I know people have been going through some stress and anxiety in life especially through this tough time. She’s been having this because of grades and school since this pandemic. It is making people’s lives harder and different so I understand where she is coming from and others who are going through things. So to make people happy we make them laugh, or tell them confident compliments about them, and to make her laugh is when people are naturally funny and they don’t make jokes for attention. Other things about Brooklyn is that she has a job and she works at a restaurant and she does to-go orders for right now, but when she is not working she watches her baby sister or she babysits her for extra money for anything she wants to buy. She also works at a daycare during the summer for extra money as well. She plans to go to college after she graduates from high school and she wants to become a doctor as her career in life.

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