Garrett “The Entertainment Critic” Smith

When it comes to picking movies or books, nothing is more interesting than Garrett

This is Garrett Smith taking his senior pictures

Smith’s choices.

Garrett says that he likes to watch movies. There a great variety of them but there is none like Pulp Fiction. He also enjoys great movies like The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. He enjoys these movies because ̈ They subvert the expectation of typical movie plots.¨ He also enjoys reading as well.

One of his favorite books to read is Zen and the art of motorcycle Maintenance. This is his favorite because “ He’s really interested in philosophy ̈ When he isn’t reading or watching movies, he also enjoys writing and listening to music.

Garrett enjoys making music. He has a lot of great inspirations when listening to rock bands like Tame Impala and rappers like Tyler the Creator. He hopes to be a musician with he is done with high school.

Garrett also likes many great outdoor activities like hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys hiking alone and seeing the beauty of nature. He goes hiking once a week. One of his favorite hiking trails is around big ridge because ̈ It has really good views of the lake and the mountains.¨

Garrett has a lot of dreams after high school. He wants to the University of Tennessee. He also wants to travel around the world and see places like Europe. We wonder what will happen to Garrett after High School.

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