Emma Shoup is on Point

Emma #1
Emma enjoying the view from the rooftop of a local church. (Herrenburg, Germany, 2017)

Most high school students´ dream careers fall into the normal spectrum: doctor, teacher, engineer, etc. Not so much for Emma Shoup. Emma possesses many qualities that not only make her unique, but also make her well rounded. Did we mention that Emma wants to be an assassin when she gets older?

Emma was born in Atlanta, GA and raised here in Knoxville. She is on the volleyball team, volunteers at Emerald Youth Center, and travels very often.

“Most people would assume that I’m just like any basic girl.’’ After sitting very understanding of people and their different backgrounds. “I like for all of my friends to know that I will never judge them and I am always here when they need me”. She feels very strongly about immigration policies and debates.g down and getting to know her, you would consider her anything but basic. She is
You could consider her a “Globe Trotter”. She has been to (and not limited to) Brazil, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and a handful of states. Shoup wants to work abroad when she begins her career. “Honestly, I just want to go far away as possible. Somewhere in Middle Eastern Europe would be ideal”.

Emma #3
Posing for a picture in Times Square, New York, 2018

She also mentioned dreams of being an assassin for the CIA. She explains that she would enjoy this due to her desire to prevent war within countries.
She’s also looked up to Seal Team 6 since she was a little and finds the profession fascinating.

Emma and her teammates coming together after a good play. (2017)

Emma’s personality is made up of qualities such as kindness, compassion, trust, sympathy, love, and equality. She is very easy going and a great conversationalist. With all of these qualities, she could conquer the world, especially with her assassin skills she may plan on inquiring. Watch your back! You may be next.

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