Rylee Griffis and Daveon Hall Class of 2019’s Best All Around

Between taking AP classes, playing sports, and maintaining a social life, senior Rylee Griffis and Daveon Hall are two students who are always up for a challenge no matter what. Central’s 2019 class knew who to choose for the best all around superlative.

Seniors Daveon Hall and Rylee Griffis posing for a picture.

Rylee Griffis is the third year captain of her lacrosse team, once named student athlete of the week, involved in Young Life club and 2019 leadership class program, as well as a peer tutor. Griffis lives a busy life for a high school student between balancing her school life, sports, and her social life. All while being one of the top students and being named best all of around because of everything she has and will accomplish.

Rylee posing in her Lacrosse uniform, for one her Senior Pictures. Credit to Stacy Pressly Photography 

One of Rylee’s peers, Reagan Battershell knew exactly why she voted for her, “She’s athletic, does well in her classes and she gets along with everyone. She was an obvious choice.” Rylee is a well involved student and finds herself being friends with everyone. Rylie Compton could agree, she says, “She is good at everything she tries once she sets her mind to it, she is able to achieve it.”

Rylee is also a hard worker when it comes to her academics she strives for the best and one of her current teachers could agree. She has taken more than one of Mrs. Turner’s classes, Turner had great things to say about Griffis, “I still remember my first conversation with Rylee. Right before the start of her junior year, she was panicked about being placed in AP Language and feeling she wouldn’t be up to the task. I’m glad she stuck it out. It was awesome to see how much she grew as a writer. That situation demonstrates her willingness to stretch and try new things, even when she might be unsure. A student who is “best all around” needs to be comfortable in all kinds of environments, and that’s definitely true for Rylee.”

If you know Rylee, you know she is funny, reliable, hard working, and talented, which is why she was voted best all around. When she was asked what she was thinking when she won the superlative, she said, “I was surprised and thought it was cool that my classmates all thought me and Daveon were best all around.”

Daveon Hall has been awarded student of the week, student athlete of the week and is also part of National Honors Society. Daveon Hall is also known for his kindness, hard work, and his athletic ability. When asked why she voted Hall, Rylie Compton knew exactly what to say, “Daveon is always kind to everyone but he is also funny and a great athlete.” Another peer, Noel Halberstadt could also agree with people on why Rylee and Daveon were chosen, she states, “They know everyone and they are sweet people all around and always helping everyone.” Not only is Daveon a loyal friend, great athlete, and determined, he also exceeds in his classes.

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Daveon’s smile is very contagious as seen in this picture. 

One of his former teachers, Mrs. Turner had nothing but pleasant things to say about Hall, “I also had Daveon in AP Language. He didn’t let setbacks deter him when the class got tough. I could always count on him for good and challenging insights in class discussions. His best all around qualities show in his willingness to take challenging classes and also maintain a commitment to sports when many students may just choose one or the other.” Students knew exactly who to choose for this specific superlative because of the things these students exceed in. When asked how he felt about winning this superlative he responded, “I was surprised, I thought other people would get it, but then I thought about it and I am the best.

Rylee and Daveon are excited for their future endeavors, and where life will take them. Rylee will hopefully be attending Coastal Carolina University located in Conway,SC. She is majoring in Public Relations, with a minor is Sports Broadcast Journalism. Daveon is staying a little more closer to home. Debating between UTK and UTC, Daveon will be majoring in Political Science. Both of these students have left a mark on Central, and will always be a Bobcat for life.

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