The Possibilities are Endless for Pierce Gentry

Brimming with unique opportunities, some young people still do not possess a set path. Pierce Gentry, like many high schoolers struggle with his future; he is an immaculate planner, yet still grapples with building a life plan.

Pierce, like many young adults, acquired much independence in choosing how he wants to spend his free time with certain hobbies and activities. For Pierce Gentry, these hobbies and activities consistently are the stepping stones towards unlocking his great potential.

Gentry’s hobbies include the building of models mainly that relate to World War II days such as tanks and soldiers. He states, “I love working hands on building these models in such a digital age,” taking up to about a month of work. Do these skills call out future engineer?

One of Pierce’s model tanks he recently built.

As well as building models, he conducts work with his church and recently he traveled to Guatemala and preformed mission work, such as nursing and providing food and sanitary medical supplies to the citizens.  This work ranged from just passing out supplies to establishing IV’s for the hepatitis stricken citizens. These skills beckon out future activist, church leader, or possibly even doctor, and with great compassion and empathy Pierce could pursue any of these future plans.

Pierce helping out with the kids in Guatemala on his mission trip, (Summer 2018).

With these great skills comes downfalls and struggles. For Pierce, he becomes nervous and begins to get intimidated by speaking in front of crowds. He just needs to work on these public speaking skills when wanting to own his voice and become more influential, and this will certainly come with more practice.

Pierce is a strict planner and desperately wants to see his future come to fruition. He wants to know his career path and future succession. He struggles with a multitude of opportunities, which presents challenges when finding a lifetime job to pursue.

However, no worry should consume Pierce when found in these positions, with a multifaceted skill set, he will fit in the puzzle as an asset to society almost anywhere.  




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