Y the L Not- Lochlyn’s Story

Lochlyn searches for an open teammate to pass the ball to.

As a five year old, Lochlyn spent most of her time decorating her soccer shorts with grass stains, in hopes of one day becoming as good as her idol, Alex Morgan, Women’s World Cup champion.

While most people were just learning the alphabet in kindergarten, Lochlyn devoted time to learning how to play the game she loves most. The skills she developed at this time led her to where she is now: a sophomore on Central’s girls soccer team and a longtime member of Emerald Soccer Club.

Lochlyn also enjoys reading and watching tv, citing Me Before You as her favorite book and The Fosters as her favorite show. When asked about the show, she immediately said, “The story line is really cute and the plot is just super interesting”.

Lochlyn and friends pose at Sharptop Cove. Front row: Bri Richards, Skylar Vess, Elaine Sheddan Back row: Sarah Garrison, Lauren Johnson, Abby Kennard, Lochlyn Treadway, Rachael Kennard, Josie Wells, Sarah Hinton

Outside of soccer, Lochlyn can often be found on Thursday nights singing her heart out and playing games with friends at Younglife. Freshman year, she entered this world when a Central leader, Molli, invited her to her first ever club. Lochlyn also attended fall camp, saying, “Some of my favorite memories from high school were made at Sharptop Cove,” (a weekend camp put on by Younglife where students can learn about their faith and create strong friendships.)

After high school, she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatric nurse, a passion that arose from her love for being around kids. In pursuit of this dream, Lochlyn hopes to attend University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to obtain her degree in nursing.

All things considered, Lochlyn’s character can best be summed up in the words of her close friend, Bri Richards, “Lochlyn is the type of gal you can trust with your biggest secret but also laugh about your biggest insecurities with”.



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