Big Improvements Planned for Fort Dickerson Quarry

The Fort Dickerson park and quarry was a major defense position for the Union during the Civil War, and was one of the few Union forts established in the South. Although this may have been an important defensive point during the war, it’s now used as hangout spot to go and relax with your friends.

The Fort Dickerson Park contains a civil war memorial dedicated to the Union soldiers who fought and stayed in Fort Dickerson, and numerous trails where you can either bike or walk around the quarry.

This is great summer destination not only because you can get in exercise with a fun ride or trail run, but also cool off with a quick swim in the quarry when you’re done. Although the park and quarry are generally nice and well kept, the city is planning to make more than $5 million in improvements to the park over the next couple years.

Taken from the top of one of it’s 80 foot cliffs, this photo captures the beauty of Fort Dickerson in the summertime.

A big portion of this money is going into the quarry, where usually the most amount of people can be found. This money will be used to build a new entrance way, make improvements to the parking lot, add restrooms, a dock, a concession stand, and lockers for kayaks and canoes (Knoxville Parks and Recreation Director, Joe Walsh). These improvements would start with the development of a new entrance and parking lot, and most likely conclude with the innovation of the swimming area.

Hopefully, residents of Knoxville will be able to see these improvements take place soon, maybe even during the upcoming summer of 2018. Regardless of w

hen the plans are implemented, what matters most is that unique outdoor areas, such as Fort Dickerson, are paid attention to and kept up to date by the city. These places provide an important outlet for exercise and fun for people all around the Knoxville area, and should be kept a priority in the future

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