May Teacher Feature: Mrs. Housam

If you’re lucky, you’ve experienced a teacher who did far more than simply educate you, he or she may have also become a mentor, someone who pushes you towards success. Mrs. Housam is that teacher for many students at Central High School.

Not only doing wonders for the theater department, but she also helped many people come out of their shell. Her classroom, although busy at times, became a safe space. “Her first love”, as she describes it, was acting and through teaching she feels she got to share that joy with others.

Mrs. Housam has traveled everywhere from Africa to Fort Worth Texas. Although Central is her first experience teaching in Knox County, she says it has been a journey of self discovery after having taught overseas for so long.

Even though she is excited to be continuing her career at West High School next year, she says it is not easy leaving. Some of her best memories were working with students on productions such as The Wizard of Oz, Fools, and Little Shop of Horrors.

“She’s done so much in just two years, it’s crazy. Mrs. Housam is so genuine and whoever gets to have her at West is so so lucky, I hope people see her as more than a teacher like I do,” says sophomore Katie Thorpe who has worked closely with Mrs. Housam on many theater projects.

Mrs. Housam (left), and Katie Thorpe (right) after graduation on May 15.

Truly “an inspiration” to many, as described by Jordan Pyle, sophomore. Her classroom brought the oddest group of kids together, but everyone always left feeling a little bit better.











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