AP Environmental Science Field Trip to First Creek In Fountain City

On April 20,2018, Ms. Strating’s AP Environmental class went to local creeks around Fountain City to test water quality, identify fish, and clean up trash. Students wore waders and went into creeks to learn how the environment affects fish and water quality.

The class worked with Jon Michael Mollish from TVA and Forrest Burks from the Water Equality Forum. Juniors Kylie Dowling and Hunter Webb share memorable moments and what they learned.

Student’s Justin Mize, Bryson Boles,Joshua Howell ,Emma Orik , Hunter Webb, and Gabe Vomfell all pose on a Kroger shopping cart they found at First Creek.

Kylie Dowling explained what they did and what they learned, “we tested the water quality by measuring the PH, turbidity, temperature, fecal, Coliform levels, nitrates, phosphates, and dissolved oxygen.” She further explain that in class, they are studying water pollution and this Field trip is a part of their grade. “It was nice getting a day away from school to enjoy and learn about nature!.”

Hunter Webb said,”The whole experience was eye opening. Many people tend to just blow off pollution because it’s so heavily talked talked about, but to see it happening somewhere close to us is surreal. First Creek in Fountain City behind Kroger was very polluted! We even found Kroger shopping carts behind it!” When asked about what was the most important thing he learned he explained,” it takes an effort in order to help a whole biome of species, but that effort is worth the time.

The AP environmental class, with teacher Ms.Strating in front of first creek behind Kroger smile for a picture after a fun day of discovering water qualities.

If you are interested and want to take part in a fun field trip like this talk to your guidance counselor about signing up for AP environmental science if you have already taken Biology, Chemistry , and Algebra and are a rising Junior or senior!  


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