Combat Senioritis and Finish High School Strong

Senior year is mentally the most challenging for many reasons. Senioritis can limit the ability to strive for the best, but with a little intention, it can be overcome.
Senior Katie Beth celebrating the last 5 weeks of school as she tries on her cap and gown.

In a nutshell, senioritis causes a decline in motivation and performance in the last year of high school or college. As a senior, I continue to combat senioritis. I have been fighting this battle since last semester, but the second semester is by far the hardest, since the finish line is in sight. Senioritis gradually sets on as you progress through senior year and surround yourself with others who have already mentally checked out. Here are 3 tips to help you stay focused and limit senioritis.

Tip 1: Limits
To limit the effects of senioritis, try to space yourself from those who are already in this mindset and do not care. If these people are your friends try to motivate them and fight through it together. The more people you surround yourself with that are positive and work hard, the stronger you will finish.

Tip 2: Teachers
When you start to feel your motivation slipping away, talk to your teacher and see what tips they offer for that specific class. Teachers are very aware of senioritis and have experience with students dealing with it.

Tip 3: College Expectations
​Remember that colleges look at your final GPA after high school even if you have already been accepted. Keep your grades up and finish the last year strong. As a senior, you have been in school for 12 years so  why give up with 10 months left? Stay focused on your work and give your best effort.

​Mr. Reynolds encourages that, “students have to have intensity and tenacity at the end.” He also shares this advice: “you cannot just finish, you have to close.” Remember your teachers know that you stuggle with senioritis and are fighting to stay focused, so show them you can stay focused and finish strong. You are almost there, do not give up now.


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