Prom: is it worth it?

As prom season ensues, students ask themselves: Are the memories worth the costs and stress?


With the national average cost of prom ringing in at just over $1,000, many students debate whether they want to attend or not. Obviously, it is not a requirement to spend that much, but with today’s social constructs, many people feel obligated to go all out.

At Central, students spend anywhere from $100 to $900, not including prom tickets. In such a social media based generation, high schoolers worry about their number of likes and “looking the best” which leads them to not be so concerned about the cost of prom.

Katie Beth Cry and Zayne Limbaugh pose for a picture.

Although the stress can scare people away, 57% of people that participated in a twitter poll agreed that prom is worth going. Senior, Katie Beth Crye, says, “Prom was really fun. I loved getting to hang out with my friends all night and eat a lot of food.”  Most people would agree, a good Saturday consists of hanging out with friends and eating food.


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