Playoffs Round 3 Recap: Central Bobcats vs David Crockett

The Central High Bobcats advanced to playoffs round 3 against David Crockett Pioneers on Friday night. Central won the game 23-12 and will advance to Round 4 next week against Knoxville Catholic High School.

Jason Merrits and Kaleb Fortner both celebrate after a great play by Fortner on Friday night. 

As the Bobcats kicked off, we gained possession over the ball.  Dakota Fawver through a deep touchdown pass to #6, Demetrien Johnson, making central the lead 7-0 early in the first quarter.

As the game went on the Bobcats were scored on by the Pioneers but they missed the extra point having the bobcats lead 7-6.  

In the 2nd quarter, The Bobcats got another touchdown. At 4th and goal a pass from Dakota Fawver, to #7 Braden Gaston was completed, and Sophomore Jared Swislosky followed through with an extra point.

After multiple possession in David Crockett territory, the Bobcats come away with 0 points, and went into leading halftime 14-6.

Dakota Fawver looks for an open guy to throw to, to make a touch down pass. 

As halftime ended it was time for the 3rd quarter. The Bobcats and Pioneers exchanged some big plays with the Pioneers eventually scoring late in the 3rd, but was unsuccessful on there two point conversion, Bobcats still leading 14-12 at the end of the 3rd.

In the 4th quarter there were turnovers back and forth,  but the Bobcats did eventually capitalize with a touchdown pass from Dakota Fawver to Demetrien Johnson wich made the score 20-12 , but due to the miss two point conversion, the bobcats were still up by 8 points

The bobcats letter capitalized on yet another turnover putting them in scoring position in which kicker Jared Swislosky made a 22 yard field goal, to put the Bobcats up by 11.  

Time and possession eventually ran out for the Pioneers, and that helped the Bobcats be successful.

Quarterback Dakota Fawver shares his views after the game, “We weren’t really ourselves at times but we made enough plays to come out on top. The defense really stepped it up creating 5 turnovers and we made just enough happen on offense to get the job done.”

Demetrian Johnson has hands against David Crockett player, after this picture Dee made a touchdown. 

Fawver follows up with his views to get ready for this weeks game against Catholic, “We just gotta keep the mindset but come more determined and hungry. We have to play smart and take advantage of certains situations and of course just try to go 1-0.”

With the win, the Bobcats move on to the Semi Final round, The cats have been to the 4th round or better for the 3 straight years setting a school record for Central High School.


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