Netflix Original Movies: Stepping Up Their Game

With all of the new releases on Netflix, it can be easy to get stuck sifting through bad movies, so users can be sure to think of all the movies the audience has loved before the next time they set up a movie night.

IMG_7103 (1)In this film adaptation of the trilogy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, a young girl writes letters to -you guessed it- all the boys she’s ever loved to keep for herself and finds herself having to deal with the repercussions when she finds someone has sent them out. Lara Jean is slightly on the awkward side, so the audience can find themselves relating to her issues. Also the “romantic” plot line is sometimes far fetched in the way that they meet, but realistic in the problems they face. Overall, this film deserves a watch for the way it exceeded the expectations of the trilogy´s fans.



IMG_7045In The Kissing Booth, Elle Evans faces challenges when her secret crush on her best friend’s brother becomes public knowledge. This movie employs an amount of cringe worthy moments to make Elle´s character even more relatable to high school girls, and in result receives a ten on the scale for corniness. However, this movie is still worth the watch because in the words of senior Grace Cochran, ¨It was cheesy, but in the kind of way that leaves you feeling good.”




IMG_7056 (1)


In the Netflix original Set It Up, two assistants decide to set their seemingly miserable bosses up together without them knowing. This film found the perfect balance of comical and serious moments, keeping it from being over the top corny. For anyone who is a fan of movies such as The Parent Trap or Love Actually, this movie is a must watch.

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