Jakub Rovder Story in America

Jakub is an exchange student from Slovakia. Upon arriving in the U.S. he got to spend 3 days in New York City until he went to visit his host family in Oxford, NC. In Oxford, he mainly played football and spent time with his host family.

Although he isn’t the biggest fan of the U.S. he still says that he will miss it when he leaves. In North Carolina, he was placed with another exchange student from Spain. Toward the end of November, things with his host family were not going well and they went to stay with their local coordinator in Fayetteville, NC. The next month, they learned that they would be moved to a new host family. They were not placed in the same home but they were both in the same city.

Prom here at central

On New Year’s Day, they both came to Knoxville. He has been attending Central since. He has made lots of friends with local exchange students, students at Central, and many teachers. He feels that there are a lot of different social aspects between the people here and the people in Slovakia. He says that people are all in each other’s business and he feels that there are alot more guns and violence here. You have to pay for college and that we do not have free healthcare. He also feels that people here take things here way too seriously. 

Jakub preparing for a football game

His favorite teacher here at Central is Mr. Morrison, who is his sociology teacher. “He is always trying to help you and give you advice,” said Jakub. He really likes his host family and has spent a lot of time with them going to places like Dollywood, Baseball games, and Gatlinburg. One of his best friends that he has made here and will miss when he leaves is Aina. He has grown very close to her. After he returns to Slovakia, he plans to complete his senior year and join the military very shortly after. “People here take things here way too seriously. “

Jakub on Halloween

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