Amaria Foster Takes MTSU!

Amaria fashionably posing for an IG picture

Senior Amaria Foster is on her way to Middle Tennessee State University. Amaria has gone to central all four years and made amazing contributions throughout her time here. Amaria is part of the yearbook and Girl talk.

She plans on majoring in political science and minoring in pre-law. When asked what inspired her to choose this field of study she responded, “I was tired of seeing how the justice system failed minorities. I want to make a difference in the law system by using my voice to deliver support to those unable to do so.”

In the future, Amaria wants to move to Houston, TX. She plans on finishing law school and starting her own law firm one day. When asked what she wishes she could tell her past self she responded, “You have come so far and remember you are enough”. Amaria was then asked what she would tell her future self, she responded again, “Keep God in your life and continue to strive and believe your goals will come true.” With graduation approaching, Amaria left a few words of advice for incoming freshmen saying, ”Choose your friends wisely and take every year seriously.”

Amaria on college decision day announcing her decision

Amaria has had some amazing accomplishments maintaining a high GPA and working hard in her extra curricular activities. Amaria was recently awarded a $5000 scholarship from her organization called Girl Talk. This organization prepares high school girls for their future and teaches proper etiquette. Amaria said, “I am thankful for God, my family and my friends along this journey.” In one week Amaria will walk across the bobcat field and receive her diploma. Next stop for Amaria, MTSU!

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