Spring Concert Night April 6

This Thursday, April 6, at 6:30 p.m. Central’s Chorus and Bobcat Company will be having their annual Spring Concert. This will be hosted in the Central Auditorium, with free admission, but donations are appreciated. 

It will also be senior night and those who attend will be able to see a preview of the upcoming spring musical, Les Miserables

Ms. Lay surrounded by Bobcat Company seniors.

The seniors are very excited because they are going to be recognized and celebrated as they perform in their last concert. Kailee Bryant said, “I am so looking forward to singing at my last concert of high school and being able to sing with my seniors and the rest of the company. I love these people so much and I couldn’t be more thankful for this program.” Another senior looking forward to the upcoming concert is Sarah Verneuil. She says, “I am really excited to perform at a concert one last time, it’s definitely bittersweet but I’m really excited for everyone to see our hard work!” 

The head of the theater department is Bethany Lay. She is very enthusiastic about getting to show the student’s work, and she encourages everyone to attend. She says, “We will be sharing choir pieces, a preview of our musical Les Miserables and showcasing our seniors.” 

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