Central Band scores all superiors at Concert Festival

On March 8, the Central High School Bobcat Band traveled to Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee for the Concert Performance Assessment, a prestigious competition for area bands, and scored the highest score they could get. 

Bands enrolled in the Concert Performance Assessment, generally referred to as Concert Festival, perform for a board of “nationally recognized adjudicators, other bands and community members,” according to Central’s band director, Alex Mink. 

There are three judges. Each judge gives their feedback to the band through an audio recording with their comments as well as a written sheet. The sheet has several broad categories (including sound quality, musicality, professionalism and more) with individual categories included inside them (such as tempo, articulation and missed notes). The best possible score to receive is a one, and the lowest is a five. 

Ones translate to “superior,” while twos are “excellent,” threes are “good,” fours are “fair” and fives are “needs improvement.” 

A photo of the score display at Maryville College on the day of the performance. The screen displayed a rotating list of bands at the competition.

“This year, the students achieved a superior rating from every judge in every caption on the rubric,” said Mink. “To put it in perspective, only 19 bands in Tennessee achieved that in 2022, many of which are recognized as some of the best bands in the southeast.”

There was also a sight reading category where the band was given a piece of music they had never seen or heard before and were asked to play it to the best of their ability with only a few minutes to read the piece and prepare. The judge for this category also gave the band a one. 

After having worked on these pieces since early January, band members and instructors were thrilled at the score. 

“I was really excited,” said junior River Cox, who plays tuba. “I was in disbelief and very happy about all the hard work we’ve done.”

Sophomore Della Bible, who plays flute, agreed, saying, “Finally, all of our hard work pays off.” 

“I’m super proud of the Central Band,” Mink said.

The band has recently had several impressive performances, such as the band receiving the title  of Grand Champion at the Alcoa Marching Band Festival last fall. 

A photo of the plaque that the band was awarded as an invitation to the State Concert Festival in 2024. If the band accepts the invitation, the blank square at the bottom will be engraved. 

Receiving an overall superior rating gives the Central band the opportunity to perform in the State Concert Festival instead of the Concert Performance Assessment next year. 

“I hope to accept that invitation,” said Mink. 

This performance will be at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. For this event, instead of the band performing and then leaving the stage to receive their score, the judges come onstage to help teach the band after their performance. 

Keep an eye on the Central Bobcat Band as they prepare for State Concert Festival in 2024. 

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