Aina Cabrera, Central’s Exchange Student

Aina Cabrera is an exchange student from Spain. She arrived in the states last July, and she has mixed feelings about her experiences in America and Central. 

The biggest difference Cabrera has noticed between schools in Spain and the USA is the level of work classes require. “Classes in Spain are more core classes… there are no elective classes, you can’t choose them and sports aren’t related to school.” She says the sports here and community are her favorite things. Cabrera plays handball, a team sport in which players pass and dribble a ball in order to score it in the other team’s goal while only using their hands. She wishes it was a sport they offered at Central. 

Cabrera in front of the castle at Disneyworld.

On the other hand, she says her least favorite part of school in America is “The schedule. Having four classes a day is exhausting.” In Spain, standard classes are closer to 50 minutes. “Everything is different. In Spain, we don’t change classes, we have the same people all year.” Cabrera has had classes with the same small group of people since she enrolled. She says that having classes with other grades is weird. 

Aina Cabrera (right) with her friend Annika Summanova (left).

Cabrera wants to continue her studies in America as she attends college. She tells anyone thinking of studying in a different country, “It’s an experience everyone should [have] because you learn a new lifestyle. Everything is different.” 

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