Central’s Rock Climbing Competitions

Central’s climbing team wraps up this season with fierce bouldering competitions! Rock climbing over the last couple of years at Central has become a hit. Central’s Team has been practicing at Onsight Rock Gym, training for the competitions. All of these students show that hard work pays off. 

Jago Miller, Ashlynn McManus, Vallee Vanover, Ebby Sellers, Caius Miller, and Ellie Wood during a team practice

Central’s team recently participated in a bouldering competition hosted by Onsight Rock Gym. 

Team members Vallee Vanover in the intermediate category came in second place with a score of 700 points, while Bret Huddleston in advanced came in first with a whopping 2500 points! 

A ropes competition also took place this previous fall semester. In the female category, Vallee Vanover in beginner plus came in seventh with 550 points and Ebby Sellers in intermediate came in second with a total of 1174.9 points. In the male category, Laken Vanover in beginner came in first with 449.9 points, Jago Miller in intermediate came in third with 1349.9 points, while Brett Huddleston in advanced came in first with 1905 points. 

Zoey Brown and Ellie Wood from team Onsight dominated at the recent two-day divisional championship in Cypress Texas. This competition included Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and parts of five other states. This is one of the largest and most important climbing competitions of the year. 

Zoey Brown tops a tough boulder problem

“The competition was tough,” says Zoey Brown. Ellie Roberts from Team Onsight said, 

“Honestly I just enjoy being in the environment.” Both girls made it to the second day of the competition. Zoey Brown placed 12th while Ellie Wood placed 5th and will be moving forward to Nationals, which will happen this coming summer. 

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