Sliding into the Baseball Season!

With the spring sports starting, The Bobcats baseball team is shifting into another gear in preparation to start their season.

Senior Tre Lyons has shared his excitement for the baseball season by saying “A. it’s my senior year B. we have a lot of young talent and a tight group of guys that play baseball and a lot of tough teams that will be fun to see how we match up against them compared to last year.” Lyons, also a all-state football player, described his transition from football season to baseball season by stating, “Baseball isn’t as physical as football but you have to stick with your explosiveness and the transition is easy because I’ve showed up to practice everyday and get ready for the season.”

Tre Lyons Sliding onto Second Base

Many players expressed their excitement and eagerness to play many teams but one team one mentioned more than the others, The Powell Panthers. Junior shortstop Andrew Hill has many friends that play for the Panthers and loves the competition that is involved. Lyons was another player that looks forward to the match-up with Powell stated, “playing Powell has always been a tough and hard-fought game since my freshman year and even before when I came to games when I was in middle school.”

One dynamic that is being pushed in the Bobcat baseball facilities is brotherhood. Like the Lady Bobcat basketball team, the baseball team has three sets of siblings with a Senior-Freshman age difference between them. When asked about how it feels to be apart of the team freshman Abe Taylor stated, “Even though i haven’t been here that long I can feel a connection to the upperclassman and its fun being able to stick around here and it feels like I have a bunch of big brothers that i hangout with after school at practice.”

senior Ashton Martin

Senior Jack Riordan shared his excitement for the upcoming season, “Hanging with the boys and hitting dingers (Home-runs),” Riordan said. Riordans favorite things about the preseason is “Yoga-tuesdays and being able to focus up to have a good season.”. Riordan was another player that looked forward to the Powell match-up and also “Whoever we are facing in the post-season.”

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Bobcat Basketball Senior night

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