Cinderella’s Closet- Affordable Prom Attire

Some students may have heard about Cinderella’s Closet on school announcements, but might not understand completely what it is. Cinderella’s Closet is a donation based formal-wear boutique. They provide high school girls with an opportunity to shop for their perfect prom dress at little to no cost. They can be contacted at 865-287-5118 to set up an appointment and are located at 158 W Dumplin Valley Rd, which is a 30-40 minute drive from Central’s campus.

An inside-view of Cinderella’s Closet.

Cinderella’s Closet allows students to shop for dresses, shoes, makeup, purses, jewelry and more to perfect their look for prom. All items are very affordable at a price of a $25 donation, or for free with a referral from their school counselor.

According to the store’s website, Cinderella’s Closet began as a ministry of Immanuel United Methodist Church in Lakeside Park, KY in 2006. Erin Peterson was inspired to create the boutique by a teenager she met at a consignment store. Peterson overheard the teenager ask a clerk if the beautiful, gently-used gown on display could be put on hold while she figured out how to pay for it.

She asked her foster mother for the money, but its price was just out of their grasp. Seeing her disappointment, Erin bought the dress for her. “As tears flooded her eyes, she said she would look ‘just like Cinderella’. For one day, a little girl was transformed into a princess,” said Erin.

A group photo of the employees at Cinderella’s Closet

High school girls seeking their perfect look for prom should seek a referral for Cinderella’s Closet from their counselor.

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